What We Do

We believe that all burritos are not created equally. We seek to understand what makes up the DNA of the perfect burrito and to ensure the constant improvement of burritos, not just in London and the UK but all over the world. This is why we work with designers and manufacturers involved at every stage of burrito production.

LBRI Burrito Benchmark™

The LBRI Burrito Benchmark™ is a vital cornerstone of our work and key to the commercial activities that fund much of our research. For the first time in the history of burrito research it gives a single industry standard to the work of burrito benchmarking. This has not only given a comparable scoring system across different burrito measurement organisations but it has given rigour and consistency to an industry sector once considered not to be a true science.

As internationally acclaimed experts in burrito benchmarking we have licensed our proprietary burrito benchmarking approach and technology to dozens of different burrito research and development organisations across the globe. It is no understatement to say that the LBRI Burrito Benchmark™ has transformed burrito benchmarking from the subjective chatter of opinions it once was into the science it is today.

Deep Burrito Analysis

Burrito Analysis is a complicated and many faceted science. LBRI has accumulated years of collected hours of burrito analysis expertise. We employ the world’s most respected and experienced burrito analysts. Together, the finest minds in burrito analysis – each with their own areas of expertise – have created the Deep Burrito Analysis technique. Literally years of research have gone into honing the Deep Burrito Analysis technique to ensure that it encompasses all the contributing factors of burrito quality and yet is flexible in its application to different burrito varieties.

Deep Burrito Analysis is the most comprehensive and complete way of assessing burritos. Deep Burrito Analysis not only allows LBRI to evaluate the overall burrito but can offer detailed insights into the contributing elements of each burrito. Coupled with the LBRI Burrito Benchmark™ we can pinpoint the most effective points for burrito improvement.

Burrito Optimisation

Of course all this research and analysis is for one goal: to elevate the burrito to all it can be: to design the perfect burrito. We are not there yet. In fact there is much in burrito research that our teams of scientists have yet to truly understand. Nevertheless, our extensive research has already helped us to amass a wealth of how to optimise and improve burritos. From the soil acidity levels in which corn is grown in, to burrito rolling and wrapping technology we are aiding the world’s premiere players in burrito production to improve burritos.