Burritos and social networking

(this is a work in progress, I’m just tinkering with this and will be updating it into a proper article as I go along. Thank you for indulging me)

While it certainly doesn’t change my opinion of what a burrito tastes like I wondered recently if I am possibly more inclined to revisit a burrito place if they seem like they actively engage with customers via twitter and facebook.

Like I say, if a place is great then I will visit it regardless, but if there is a choice between two equally tasty burritos then I would probably chose the place that talks to its customers. Speaking from personal experience there is nothing like the buzz when your tweet gets a reply or you get a mention on facebook. I’m still all a-quiver from birthday greetings from Wahaca. More usefully (and slightly less shallowly) it’s heartening to see that certain restaurants take all feedback on board – the good, the bad and most importantly the ugly. We’ve all had bad customer service at some point or other in our lives but it’s how somewhere responds to negative feedback that determines whether or not you give them another chance.

I appreciate that many of these places are super busy and also how much effort it it takes to maintain an online presence, and also that not everybody really cares, but it makes such a difference to customers to be acknowledged.

Adobo Twitter Face book
I loved Adobo and their customer service was amongst the best I’ve encountered. They don’t seem to be into Twitter that much though.
Benito’s Hat Twitter Face Book
Loved Benito’s Hat, loved the cocktails and REALLY REALLY love how they interact with customers on Twitter.
Burrito Bros Twitter Face Book
Boring burritos, they seem to post a lot on facebook but they don’t seem to interact with the burrito massive as well as Benito’s Hat and Chilango.
Chilango Twitter Face Book
The place that is to blame for my addiction. They’re fantastic at acknowledging people on Twitter and keeping an eye out on who is blogging about them. Top notch.
Chipotle Twitter
I know I’m being lazy, but as this is an American company it’s not terribly interesting to a Londoner. They probably do have a UK twitter account though, and if they don’t then they should
Daddy Donkey Twitter
Flying Burritos Twitter Face Book
Aweseome food and lovely customer service and a retweet! That’s what we like to see.
Mas Burrito Twitter Face Book
Mas burritos make a lovely burrito (although second time around was less succesful, maybe because it was busier) and absolutely ZERO presence on Twitter. They’ve never ever tweeted. (eta update, they have since tweeted back in June. Twice)
Picante Twitter Face Book
Awesome awesome Picante, I am so lucky to work nearby. They’re great at keeping you updated on facebook and twitter (eg if they’re going to open late) but don’t seem to interact with people online. Which is odd as the owner (I assume) is one of the most consistently enthusiastic and friendly people.
Poncho 8 Twitter Face Book
I quite like the way they tweet about things that are completely unburrito related (like when they got stuck in the lift). Not my favourite burrito by a long shot, but you kinda feel like you’re friends with them.
Tortilla Twitter Face Book
I have to admit that I barely follow them given how meh the food is. I do follow them in the interest of being thorough but I don’t really read what they say with much interest.
Wahaca Twitter Face Book
Brilliant food and brilliant at keeping in touch with customers online – really charming and witty tweets and posts. Oh and especially awesome for wishing me a happy birthday

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