Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Burrito Street …


Kilner jar lights

Kilner jar lights

On the way home from a very satisfying and lovely meal at The Poet last Tuesday, Dr Chimpington and I spotted Flying Burritos in the same street! It was already on my list of places to try and I’ve been following them on Twitter but I’d not really checked out their location before so it was nice being able to see where it was. Even nicer that it was on a street that already had good burrito memories.

We decided to go back on Friday evening after a couple of drinks at The Speaker (one of the few really decent pubs in Westminster). Flying Burritos closes at 9:00 so when I say a couple of drinks I mean it. As we walked down Middlesex St we spotted The Poet. I had to drag Dr Chimpington away from the door such was the lure of the chimichanga he’d had only days before. We had research to undertake and had no time to revisit old research.

A few weeks ago, Dr Chimpington wrote a paper suggesting that a possible reason that Burrito Bros had served us cold bland burritos was because we’d got there at the end of the office working day (about 6:30-7:00) even though it remains open a few hours after that . However, we got to Flying Burritos at the very end of the day and there was nothing luke warm about the food.

I opted for the beef (marinated overnight in chillies, red wine and orange juice then cooked with oregani, cumin and bay leaves apparently) and Dr C opted for the pork tatemado (braised in cider and cooked with things like ginger and cinnamon). There was just enough beef for one burrito. And this is where the apologies for Burrito Bros start to fall apart – it was right at the end of the day and was still warm and still full of lovely rich flavour.

It’s refreshing to see different fillings on offer. I went for black beans (always my preferred bean of choice) even though I was really drawn to the pinto beans which were cooked WITH BACON. Luckily Dr Chimpington went for these beans as the most appropriate accompaniment to pork. The salsas included a pineapple and sweetcorn one (neither of us went for this, but I am intrigued by this one. When in Acapulco I was told by a very insistent local that pineapple & pork really was the best topping on the street corn tacos) and also a cactus leaf salsa (which we did go for, it was odd and a bit pickley so not dissimilar to having a gherkin in there – although not really at all like that).

Dr Chimpington, the resident guacamole expert, was keener on the guacamole than I was. It was certainly perfect texture-wise but it was slightly unusual tasting. It was certainly nice enough and I wouldn’t hesitate to have it again, but it just slightly missed the mark with me. The menu says that it contains pepper, tomatoes, red onion, green chilli, coriander and lime juice – which is pretty much perfect. Maybe there was more lime than I’m used to but I was convinced that was kaffir lime or lemongrass in there as I was really getting a slight Thai like flavour. I want to try it again to properly analyse it (oh, and because it was yum, despite being not quite what I was expecting)

almost finished

Dr C executing the DUNK

These burritos were delicious. I was a bit concerned that they’d be cold because they were not rolled immediately. I was a bit concerned that they’d be doughy because the tortilla looked a bit fatter than usual. I was mainly worried that we’d get an end of day burrito and end of day service. I needn’t have worried – a warm tasty burrito and made by an absolutely charming and helpful burrito constructor.

They don’t stop there though – they also offer a breakfast menu – including a breakfast burrito which would probably result in me snoozing all day under my desk but I have to admit to being intrigued. Another thing that impressed me was that they also offer burritos in a smaller size – which seems like a fantastic idea!

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