Mexican Food Made Simple

Last night was the first episode of the new series featuring Thomasina Miers. I was out on Tuesday so caught up with this programme the next day, thanks to the wonders of the interwebs. I enjoyed it, and it made me want to go back to Mexico, but I still maintain that Mexican pork scratchings are horrible. Even if they are the size of my car. They suck all the fun out their scratchings – I much prefer the salty fatty (hairy) ones you get over here.

Also I’m not convinced by banana in chilli but I’m not a huge fan of the banana* but am going to carry on watching despite the banana in the chilli and the soulless scratchings. And drooling, just not at the bananas or the scratchings.

Although Thomasina Miers’ restaurant, Wahaca, serves (beautifully plump and bulging with flavour) burritos I am not convinced that they will feature on this show. I never had any burritos when I was out there, but that’s not to say they weren’t there. But I am aware that there is a debate about whether burritos are actually authentically Mexican or whether they’re an American bastardisation of Mexican food. I reckon it’s a bit of both, although the big fat size of the beasts we get over here is probably more of the American influence.

*I was so chuffed when Innocent brought out banana free smoothies

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  1. Love the posts, especially as Wrapid launches burrito’s and wraps into Ocado
    Our burrito range continues to grow in our University and Hospital sites.
    Burrito a day makes the rain seem fun

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