Burrito Research Findings

The following, erm, article appeared in another of my blogs on 19th August 2010 http://tattyrathbone.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/burrito-research-findings/

Indulge me please for a moment. This is my new thing. It will probably last for about five minutes before I get bored so, in the meantime, just pretend to care.

I’ve always avoided burritos when I’ve been out for Mexican (or even Tex Mex) meals. I had nothing against them but they lack the flamboyance and drama of the fajita and they always looked a safe (i.e. boring) option. And once I had been to Mexico I began to go for any option that included a soft corn tortilla, who needs tasteless wheat when you can have yellowy corn?

But then I began to get burrito envy one evening at Wahaca while watching a friend work her way through a magnificently plump looking pork creation.

I had my first one at lunch time in a fast food place in the rather frigid ambiance of a shopping centre – Chilango’s in Bluewater. I played safe and went for chicken. As I watched them pile on the fillings of refried beans, green rice, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and cheese I wasn’t convinced there would be enough. Then I watched them adeptly rolling the thing up and it transformed into a gloriously voluptuous beast. Bearing in mind that this was my first ever one you will have to forgive my surprise at the addition of rice.

Anyway it was bloody lovely. Fat and full of my favourite flavours. I’ve since been back to the Bluewater branch and have also tried the one on Fleet Street and was equally happy with my new discovery. I’d not been this giddy about a new food since I’d had my first ever macaroon (or to be more accurate macaron).

Then on to newcomer Chipotle on Charing Cross Rd. This was good but averagely so. I need to go back as my experience was slightly spoiled by the rookie burrito roller whose creation lacked the taut finesse of the Chilango ones.

Last night I went to Wahaca. I have been to Wahaca many times and have always chosen many small dishes. Why limit myself to one flavour when I can bombard my taste buds and greedy gut with CHOICE? But I digress, this time our mission was SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH rather than fun. Now things had got serious. This was the first night of the London Burrito Research Institute. You may not have heard of this rather august institution yet, but one day my friend, you will.

I went for a steak one for a change (my previous ones have all been chicken). This was gorgeous, smokey and full of flavour. I greedily opted for cooked cheese and a side order of refried beans. I wish I could say that my eyes are bigger than my stomach but my stomach is, sadly, very big. My only quibble was that this was on a plate. I know that sounds really trivial in the scheme of things, and you’re probably right to roll your eyes at me. But, burrito novice I may be, part of my enjoyment is of holding an entire meal in my hands. A bit like a Cornish Pasty. Kind of.

Ah well, the research has started. I will keep you posted as to our findings. This is currently a London-wide search but we hope to take it nationwide before too long


I wasn’t expecting anybody to actually read my witterings so I might just have uttered a bit of a shocked swear word when this popped up on my Facebook feed on 13th Sept!